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Where is The Fat Doctor?

Posted by briantshirley on April 2, 2011 at 10:30 AM

  Over 20 years ago I was emceeing a show at The Comedy Zone in Chas.,SC. It was my home club where I started and I was just getting more stage time and I had about 7-10 minutes of decent material. The headliner that night was The Fat Doctor, whom I've since worked with several times over the years.

 I went up and started the show with about 5 minutes of comedy then brought up the feature act,whose name escapes me. After his 30 minute routine, I went back up, did a few more bits, made some annoucemnets,then went into the headliners intro. At this point everything was fine, that is, until I said, " And put your hands together for 'The Fat Doctor' "! The problem was, the Fat Doctor was nowhere to be seen and he's not a small man. No big deal, I just said it again " Here he is, ' The Fat Doctor ! ' " No, here he wasn't! I looked towards the back of the room and saw the club owner Tony Kemp giving me the "Strecth" sign, meaning do more stage time until The Fat Doctor finally showed up. I'm not sure what I did until he got there several minutes later, but it worked.

 After the show, Doc thanked me for covering his considerable ass and we had a laugh about it. I asked him what happened, why was he late , after all he stayed in the hotel the club was in. He said he had laid down to take a nap after his long drive to Charleston and had overslept. He was awakened by the phone ringing and the front desk clerk saying " Fat Doctor, the shows been going for over 45 minutes and your on." He told me his respones was " Really, how am I doing?". Now how many people can crack a good line right out of a dead sleep! Darcel Blagman, AKA "The Fat Doctor" passed away in Jan of 2020. Godspeed my friend, you were one of a kind!!

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Reply fat doctor
5:08 PM on October 11, 2012 
I have just started my come back, I am one year removed from suffering a heart attack and a stroke simultaneously I am one of only 3% of the people who live through such an event. I was in a coma for over a week and expected not to live, but miraculously I woke up and got strong enough to get a heart pump operation which saved my life. I have been virtually off the road for a decade. That is when a fibrous attacked my heart and left it damaged. There is no medical reason why I am alive. God is good!
Reply briantshirley
5:18 PM on October 11, 2012 
My goodness Doc, I'm glad to hear you made it through! It is wonderful you are back. I have an internet radio show you are welcome on at anytime to talk about your comeback. E-mail me @ or I'll try to get you on earthlink.