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 Here's a few of the many sayings from my books.

                            MAKE LOVE NOT WARTS


 Patience is a virtue, they also complain a lot when they're in pain.

  Money can't buy me love, but "lust" rents out pretty cheap.

  Look before you leak!

  Fools fall in love ina a hurry, it's the divorce that takes so damn long

  Monkey see, monkey do, sometimes I wish I were a monkey.

  The Rooster came first and the Chicken was disappointed.

  Complaining doesn't get you anywhere, unless your on a plane.

  Diamonds are a girls best friend and the guy that gave them to her isn't doing bad either.

  History often repeats itself, just to rub it in.

  Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we must defrost the refrigerator.

                FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN BEERS AGO.....


 When life has you by the balls, join a choir.

 The early bird gets the morning wood.

 Never say never.Damn it, I just said it twice!

 If it weren't for gossip, how would we talk about each other?

 Something stinks in Denmark and France isn't exactly a rose either!

 I have a monkey on my back and he's throwing poop at everybody!

 Teach a man to fish and he'll steal your pole.

 I twittered my Facebook because I lost Myspace.


  Comedic Song title sentences form " Four Score...etc." 

 I'll Stop The World And Melt With You if you Pour Some Sugar On Me.

 I Can't Get No Satisfaction Like A Virgin.

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